digital record keeping

Advantages of digital record keeping

  • Instant access: Your financial data, available anytime.
  • Audit ready: Quicker, stress-free responses to CRA queries.
  • Disaster proof: Safeguard your records from floods and fires.
  • Cost effective: Say goodbye to physical storage costs.
  • Document retrieval: Easily locate old receipts or invoices.
  • Enhanced security: Protect sensitive financial information.

Advantages of Quickbooks Online

  • User friendly: Quickbooks simplifies how you track your business finances.
  • Access anywhere: Your information is available anytime, anywhere and across devices.
  • Faster payments: Utilize the ‘Pay Now’ feature for quick customer payments.
  • Accuracy: Minimize errors with features like bank feeds.
  • Integrated apps: Expand your accounting capabilities.
  • Informed decisions: Rely on real-time banking and credit card data.
  • Secure: Industry-recognized security safeguards keep your financial data private and protected.
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real-time bookkeeping

Advantages of real-time bookkeeping

  • Informed decisions: Base choices on current data, not outdated reports.
  • Confidence: Know your financial standing at all times.
  • Proactive management: Adjust strategies in real-time, not in hindsight when it is too late.
  • Timely reports: Make real-time decisions to plan your financial future.

Timely tax filings

Avoid unnecessary penalties and interest on late-filed tax returns.

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real-time guidance

Ongoing, real-time guidance

We are available to address your questions and concerns.

Why we’re right for you

We’re not just about crunching numbers.
We seek to create personalized solutions for your unique financial journey.

Personalized approach

You're more than a task on our daily list. We seek to understand the stories behind the numbers, in order to offer advice, tools, and solutions tailored to your specific circumstances.

Expertise with a human touch

Our team brings high-level accounting and tax expertise, combined with a down-to-earth, empathetic approach. We make complex financial issues relatable and manageable.

Growth and compliance

Beyond managing your compliance needs, we're committed to finding opportunities for your financial growth and tax savings, navigating you through the complexities of your financial journey.

Your CRA advocate

We act as a bridge between you and the CRA, handling all interactions with professionalism, ensuring you feel confident and well-represented in all tax matters.

How it works

Foundation building

It all starts with a conversation after getting some basic information about your business.  Once we’ve delved into your business specifics better, we’ll present you with three custom service levels with clear monthly investments with no surprises.  

Setup and launch

Once we have decided how we are going to work together, we will kick off with meeting our entire team.  We’ll get started with:

  • streamlining your monthly bookkeeping
  • optimizing your accounting software
  • setting up or refining your QuickBooks Online (QBO) file
  • Integrating you with our favorite accounting apps


Within the first three months, you’ll start to see the true benefits of our services. You’ll get real-time insights into your financials, streamlined paperwork, accurate payroll tracking, and peace of mind regarding compliance as you start to take control of your business.

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