Who we are

Our mission and vision

To maintain and develop long-term relationships with our clients that are mutually beneficial, to create and maintain a fulfilling working environment for our team and have a laugh or two along the way.

Arden Vandenhorst


Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit has been a lifelong commitment for me, and I’ve consistently advocated for the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. Over the past two decades, my approach, met with appreciation from both clients and colleagues, has been a driving force behind my enduring success. I take pride in infusing each client’s conversation with compassion and understanding, drawing on my personal experiences as an entrepreneur to empathize with their pains and frustrations.

After graduating with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University in Kingston, I was designated as a  Chartered Accountant designation in 1999. My professional journey commenced in a Big Six accounting firm in downtown Toronto, where I later specialized as a forensic accountant. It was this very experience that inspired me to embark on my entrepreneurial journey, founding my own firm in 2003, on my kitchen table.

My team and I navigate a diverse range of challenges and celebrate victories while upholding our core values: reliability, confidence, and compassion. 

Each day we seek to identify opportunities to elevate our clients beyond the compliance components of service, meet their deadlines and maintain communication with them in a light-hearted engaging manner.