We Love BookKeepers

Tired of accountants that just don’t get QBO?

Or maybe just tired of accountants in general?

Do remember the feeling the last time you received a request from an accountant to print out something that was already made available to them online in QBO or even Hubdoc?

Did it involve you mumbling a four letter word out loud?

Have you ever recommended an online solution to your clients that would save them time and money while making their lives easier, only to have the accountant contradict you because it wasn’t in their skill set?  How did that make you feel?  Probably not too great either…

Does your client’s accountant only talk to your client once a year and leave them to their own devices?  Is your client’s accountant hard to get a hold of for questions?  The probably frustrates the heck out not only you but your client!

We have the solution; in fact, we are the solution!

Based in Whitby, Ontario but accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection.

We are a cloud friendly and more important, bookkeeper friendly, CPA firm that can help take away the frustration of dealing with typical CPAs!

Watch our Video…

Please feel free to share my video with bookkeepers you may that have the same frustrations with CPA’s!

What’s the Problem with CPA’s?

Ever heard any of these phrases?

  • This is the way we have always done things…
  • I’m the accountant, you’re the bookkeeper..

You heard that because not all CPAs were created equally, the accountant is a jerk, or both.

The point is that not all CPAs realize that when the bookkeeper and accountant collaborate together, the client wins, and this works both ways as sometimes the bookkeeper isn’t able to collaborate.

What does collaboration mean to me?

Collaboration is when the personalities of the bookkeeper and the accountant mesh and they can work together for the betterment of the client.

Not to use fancy words, but the synergy created when two likeminded professionals combine and create a powerful relationship that benefits everybody.

What services can we provide your clients?

We can prepare year end Notice to Reader financial statements and the corporate tax return.

If you don’t like doing taxes, we can also prepare the T1 returns for the shareholder and their family.  Where your client is a sole-proprietor, we can also take your QBO information and prepare their T1.

We also provide financial statement analysis, cashflow analysis and budgeting services.

We can also provide your client with tax planning services during the year and provided advanced estate planning and reorganization services.

We Provide Value to You

As a CPA and CA with over 20 years experience myself, my team and I can provide you a resource for questions or issues you may have with accounting, bookkeeping, income tax or HST issues.

We offer webinars throughout the year on topics of interest to you and/or your clients.

Signup for news on current topics or upcoming webinars.  Opt-out any time.

We will never sell your information.

We Like Talking Almost As Much As We Like Accounting & Tax

Before you trust us with your clients, let’s have a conversation. After all, aren’t all great working relationships built on open communication?

Call us today at 905-665-8819.

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